Time-Tested Tips for Common Communication Challenges

Video Resources

Every day a quarter of a million people attend Toastmasters meetings, seeking to become more confident speakers and leaders. These videos give anyone, not only members, access to Toastmasters time-tested tips they can use immediately.

Each five-to seven-minute video offers Toastmasters and non-Toastmasters resources to help them navigate speaking-related situations that arise every day. They are a great resource that can be easily accessed anytime or anywhere.

New! Rehearsal Tips to Make You Shine!
Rehearsal is the secret sauce of great speeches. Make sure you shine as a speaker by following these rehearsal tips.

New! Impromptu Speaking
Ever been asked to fill in for or take the place of another speaker? Learn how to be spot-on when you’re put on the spot.

New! Managing Your Fear
Are you afraid of the unknown? Does the fear of failure send you running for the hills? Understanding anxiety, as well as how to control its physical manifestations, will help make you a more confident public speaker.

New! Keeping the Audience Engaged
Keeping an audience interested is crucial to a successful speech. This video addresses the finer points of vocal variety, speech structure, the benefits of practice and the rewards of authenticity.

How to Give a Toast
Someday you may be called upon to say a few special words. Learn what to do — and what not to do — to make the most of the moment.

Finding Speech Topics
What should a speech be about? Should you stick to what you know, or explore a new subject? Get answers to these questions and more.

Knowing Your Audience
Whether you’re speaking to corporate stockholders or a society of zookeepers, these guidelines will help you meet and exceed audience expectations.

Five Basic Public Speaking Tips
Master a topic and present it well. Following these tips will ensure your next speech goes smoothly and your audience gets more out of the experience.

Job Interviews
Interview with confidence through focused listening, articulate responses and effective body language. These tips will empower you to impress.

Gestures and Body Language
Tics and mannerisms blur your message and leave audiences bored. Learn to hone your speaking skills by channeling nervous energy into meaningful movement.

Using Humor in Speeches
Humor makes a good speech great, but you don’t have to be a comedian to garner laughs. These tips offer ways to integrate appropriate humor into any presentation.

How to Offer Feedback
In a Toastmasters meeting, constructive feedback breeds the confidence that leads to success. Learn how to critique the performance, not the person.

Speaking Mistakes to Avoid
When speaking, do you rely too heavily on notes? Do you avoid eye contact? Learn how to steer clear of common mistakes that might alienate an audience.

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